AO Hymn Study 2017-2018 (modified)

Just popping on here to share the hymns we will be learning this 2017-2018 school year. These one-page printouts with sheet music will be placed in the music section of our circle time (aka morning time) binders along with our folk songs (still working on those printouts), which are much more challenging since folk song lyrics change over time more often than hymns (which also sometimes change).

I go to great effort to follow Ambelside Online’s hymn rotation, but I nearly always have to make some modifications because of sheet music availability, audio file availability, and the fact that we don’t do circle time in June or July. I’d like to give a HUGE “thank you” to the Hymns at Home blog (made by AO family Kari & Tim Bass) for recording lyric-focused mp4 files of several hymns and to for making sheet music accessible. It’s so much easier to teach my kids hymns with these two resources.

Without further adieu, here is our list of hymn resources for our school year:

How are you teaching hymns in your homeschool? I’d love to know.

2017-07-09 11.26.29
This is the crate where I keep our circle time materials.

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