Nature Study Resources: Fish

Hello, AO Term 3!

We are beginning to learn about fish this term, so I made a little document to help my kiddos learn the terminology of fish parts to help them prepare to study specimens over the coming weeks. I thought I’d share:

Label the Parts of a Fish

Of course, book learning cannot take the place of real life observation, but a little bit of preparation like this can help give kids the vocabulary to observe more. Other resources we plan to use are …

  • Take a fish hatchery tour
  • Go fishing in my parent’s catfish pond
  • Borrow or adopt a goldfish to live in our school room (aka the kitchen)
  • Study the Handbook of Nature Study chapter called “Fishes” beginning on p. 144
  • Gather and study information sheets from our local Department of Conservation (this will help us learn about our native species)
  • Check out library books (*some of these are more for me):
    • Fish Do the Strangest Things  by Leonora and Arthur Hornblow
    • Ocean by Dr. Miranda MacQuitty
    • Swim, Fish! National Geographic Kids by Susan B. Neuman
    • What’s It Like to Be a Fish by Wendy Pfeffer
    • *The Sea Brings Forth by Ingrid Niccoll
    • *The Edge of the Sea by Rachel Carson

Hope you are having fun learning about fish this term!


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