23rd Psalm Memory Work

In an effort to plan ahead, I’ve already printed our next memory work project and placed it in our morning time binders. 23-psalm-of-david


When I plan passages for my kids (and me) to memorize, I try to keep in mind the advice of Charlotte Mason who warned us not to memorize just a string of facts or words. We memorize the good, beautiful, and lovely to take it into our soul and be able to access it when needed.

Mason is famous for her idea of the Science of Relations, which refers to the way all knowledge is interconnected. Memorizing facts in a vacuum would be the opposite of her advice to have children build their own connections. As parents, we lay the feast of “mind food” and let our children take in what they can.

For A9, he may recognize this Bible passage and perhaps identify the illusions of the shepherd and the sheep. For L6, who just read about the anointing of King David by Samuel in the OT, he may latch onto the line, “You anoint my head with oil.” For J4, he may simply enjoy the rhythm and the familiar imagery of sheep.

For me, this chapter conjures up sermons from one of my favorite ministers, Paul White, who points out that the Lord is with us in the shadows and how the rod and staff are comforting me (a shepherd doesn’t beat his own sheep). I also think of the Message Bible’s translation of the first half of the final stanza: “Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life.” Or, as Paul White puts it, “Surely your goodness and mercy will chase me down.”

I hope you are also laying a feast of ideas for you and your kids, too.


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