Halloween Poem

artwork by Lucy Doane

Hi, readers. Just jumping on here to share a poem that we are memorizing in our morning / circle time. It’s called “Halloween” by Florence Piper Tuttle.


Fun story. My dad was a rascal as a child. He gave his elementary teachers all kinds of fits, and after several visits to the principal’s office, his principal thought of a fitting punishment: memorizing poetry. It wasn’t so much of a punishment, as it turns out, because the process of being taught a poem built a report between my dad and his authority figure. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it completely corrected his rascally behavior, but it did help his teacher survive the year!

And so, now my 60+ years old dad still remembers several poems. (He is also a catalog of song lyrics.) When I was a child, he sometimes taught me poems he had locked in his brain. My favorite — by far — was a poem by Phoebe Cary called “They Didn’t Think.” It’s pretty fitting for a young boy in trouble:


I recently found Cary’s poem in a book put together by Tuttle. Another book in the same series — Our Holidays Through Poetry, Story, and Song — contained her Halloween poem as well as several other stories and poems. One particular story my kids enjoyed was a draw-and-tell. I’m so happy to share these little gems with my kids — and more from Tuttle’s Correlated Curriculum series.

This is my happy little Ebay find (thanks to DH’s mom who bought this for me after I tearfully returned my library copy). Books published in the 1930s are so awesome!




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