Hi, I’m new here.

Let me take a minute to introduce the blog and me.

What this blog is about:

It’s is going to primarily be about home education, but that topic tends to bleed over into every area of life, so I’m sure this blog will cover lots of other topics, too. You may have noticed I’ve chosen a Charlotte Mason quote for the blog’s tagline. She has so many wise words! But, this one about taking joy from life is one of my personal favorites; it comes from her 4th Volume titled “Ourselves.”

I consider our homeschool to be classical — meaning we focus on teaching truth, goodness, and beauty through the seven liberal arts. I also consider us to be a Charlotte Mason homeschool, focusing a lot on literature, nature, and habit forming. In fact, we follow the Ambleside Online curriculum. Some may consider “classical” and “Charlotte Mason” to be mutually exclusive, but after personal research and reflection as well as the guidance of some of my favorite bloggers (like Brandy at Afterthoughts) and podcasts (the CiRCE Institute podcast, for example), I have found Charlotte Mason to exhibit the epitome of classical thinking. More on this in future posts.

A little about my family:

I’ve been a homeschool teacher since my oldest came home from preschool in 2012. So, I guess that means I’m in my fourth year of teaching my own kids (unless you count my oldest’s baby and toddler years, which is totally acceptable, too).

Dear Husband (henceforth to be called DH) and I have three boys — one of school age and two preschoolers ready to follow in his footsteps. Let’s just call them A8, L5, and J3 (initials and ages — you get the pattern, right?).

A8 and I are finishing up Year 2 of Ambleside’s curriculum, which in layman’s terms means he’s about to finish second grade. I have learned so much in second grade! (I think he has, too!) L5 and J3 join us for “circle time” in the mornings, which comprises songs, memory work, and skills work (handwriting, math), but they aren’t doing any formal school until they are seven years old because that’s the compulsory age of education in Missouri — and also because I highly value their free play time at their ages.

We attend a weekly homschool co op where the boys are in second grade, pre-k, and preschool, respectably. They get a little bit of a traditional school experience there. I love our co op because it’s full of all kinds of families and because my kiddos get to participate in P.E., art, and music with kids their ages. I also love co op day because I teach a high school writing class that helps me escape preschool and elementary school for a little while. Sometimes our tie to the co op takes us down a non-classical rabbit trail, but I’m okay with that. We’re trying to make our philosophy work for us and not the other way around.

A crash course on me:

If I’m going to give you a few quick facts, I’ll start by saying I’m an INTP, which means I’m a concepts person. I’m very rational and very logical, sometimes to a fault. I love learning new things, and I’m pretty flexible. This has lead to some of my closest friends saying they’ve “never seen me angry” or thinking I’m always laid back. That, of course, is not true — just ask my kids!

DH and I are a compatible fit. He’s a creative INFJ who is very in touch with his intuition. If he gets a “feeling” about something, I just go with it because he’s like a seismograph picking up the tiniest of shock waves. Sometimes it’s weird being in a marriage where I’m the mechanical thinker and he’s the creative person, but ours is among the happiest relationships I know, and I think it has a lot to do with compatibility.

My hopes for this blog:

My plan is to publish once a week. Friday is looking like the best day for me. I’m not sure how that meshes with the blogosphere, so that could change. I’m just going to write about what we’ve done each week — what worked, what didn’t, and what I’m feeling about it all. I know consistency is key, so I might get all philosophical on you if we’ve had a run-of-the-mill week.

The sign-off:

Because I’m such a conceptualizer, I tend to read several books all at once, but I also tend to give up on a book when I feel like I have all the info I need from it. So … with my sign-off each week I’ll list for you all of the books I consider myself to be currently reading. And, if I finish one (DH just fainted at the thought), I’ll let you know that, too.

Until … tomorrow … be well.

  • The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas
  • How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig
  • The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
  • Joan of Arc by Mark Twain
  • Mind to Mind by Karen Glass
  • Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv
  • For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
  • Henry V by William Shakespeare



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